Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Budapest, Fisherman’s Bastion

Snow and Hein are such a gorgeous, smiley couple. They came over to Budapest for their pre-wedding photos. From our initial conversation, I knew they really liked the feel of being alone and having the city to themselves, and they wanted the photos to show this.

We discussed in detail all the plans beforehand: locations, timing, dresses, make-up. I suggested having the photo session at dawn. In the summer months, the temperature can get as high as 35 degrees celsius here in Hungary. So in the early hours, it is definitely more pleasant.

And all the touristic locations which would be otherwise full of people, like Fisherman’s Bastion and The Buda Castle, are peaceful and empty. It is so nice to be out there and just walk around the whole area when the sun is coming up.

A bit before 6 a.m. I picked them up from their hotel and we drove up to Fisherman’s Bastion. Waking up early was not a problem for them as they flew in from Asia, so to them, it felt like early afternoon.

We started the photo shoot at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the Bastion, then we took some portraits on the top of the Bastion. The sun was just starting to appear in the distance and we heard the city slowly waking up.

I love these pre-wedding photo sessions in the morning. I’ll never get bored with the view of Budapest and I can imagine how special it must have felt for them too.

If you are thinking of having your pre-wedding photography in Budapest or somewhere else contact me and let’s make it happen.


pre-wedding budapest


pre-wedding photoshoot Budapest


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