Micro Weddings 

Micro weddings are what everyone talks about lately. It is the new buzzword, and it is the new intimate wedding. But is it?

For years, intimate weddings have existed. What does intimate wedding mean? Well, as opposed to a full blown wedding with let’s say a 100 or more wedding guests, intimate weddings have less than 50  or even 25 guests attending, mainly closer family members, best friends. These weddings are more atmospheric, possibly quieter and just the overall day is a bit more low key. 

In the beginning of 2020 as the pandemic broke out and grew the wedding industry as a whole has come to a halt. Government restrictions has stopped most if not all weddings. The ones which had a green light had a restriction on the number of the guests. Out of all these restrictions a new trend has emerged. 

What is a micro wedding? What is considered a micro wedding?

“A micro wedding is an intimate affair, typically with no more than 50 guests. They still feature time-honoured traditions that make a wedding but on a much smaller scale.” – ‘Brides

I would say though we call a wedding a micro wedding with no more than 25 guests. It is not an elopement, where it is only the couple are the participants, but with a few more guests, parents, siblings, best men, best couple of friends are at the event. Micro weddings as a concept is not new but with the pandemic and travel restrictions they got more popular. 

Lots of couple has chosen not to postpone or cancel their wedding in the past year but just scale down and replan their day into a micro wedding.

As a wedding photographer I can confidently say – as we move on from the pandemic – that micro weddings are here to stay.

Micro wedding ceremony in the garden

What’s the cost of a micro wedding?

From a budget point of view a micro wedding is more budget friendly, but as you spend less on your overall wedding day, you can possibly spend more on your guests, on your photography, florals, micro wedding venue and destination.  You can simply have your wedding at home for no cost, or when travel restrictions become the past you can fly to a far away location with your best 10 guests for a weekend. The choice is yours .

Benefits of Hosting a Micro Wedding

All the weddings require a timeline but the more guests you have the more the wedding needs to be precisely planned.A micro wedding timeline can be as simple as time of ceremony and then a dinner. At some point some portraits of the couple only and that is all you need to fit in. With very few people at your wedding and a not so strict schedule you can invest a lot more time into your guests, spend meaningful conversations with them and have a relaxed laid back day. As mentioned above, cost wise you can be more choosy on your photography and if you want you can splurge on details like wedding dress flowers and jewellery

Micro wedding ceremony overlooking the sea

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