London has a special place in my heart. I used to live there several years ago when my wife lived there. I was fascinated by the city and I still am. I even published a book about London.

Now I feel lucky because I have weddings and other photo sessions to regularly go back there for. There is just so much opportunity for engagement photography in London.

You can literally get off the tube at any station, start walking in any direction and you will find great spots to explore. This is exactly what we did with Sarah and Simon a couple of days before their wedding in Wimbledon.

We initially started off in St. Dunstan in the East Church Garden which is a gorgeous little hideaway spot not known by many, that offers nice rugged backgrounds and some greenery – then we walked all the way to the South Bank stopping along the way here and there for more portraits.

When I start planning a portrait session I start by discussing potential locations with the couples, locations which have a meaning to them. That I believe is important – I want them to relate to places and things and not only deciding based on prettiness. With time passing by this will create stronger memories.

I’m always keen to return to London so let me know if you’re planning a wedding there and let’s start a conversation.

London Engagement Photography