Hotel Chateau Bela Wedding – Viktoria & Brad

It is my absolute pleasure to share this Hotel Chateau Bela wedding from Slovakia. Chateau Bela was built in the 18th century and it was recently renovated. It is located in southern Slovakia near the Hungarian border. The hotel is surrounded by a forest on one side and it has expansive views over the nearby fields on the other. It is a fabulous setting for a wedding venue in Slovakia.

You can reach the reception through an atmospheric courtyard. The Chateau offers a spacious wedding ball room which is lit beautifully by natural light through the huge windows. Chateau Bela is such a perfect wedding venue in Slovakia. The whole wedding party can be accommodated at the hotel and there are different areas where  different part of the wedding day can be organised and held. You can have welcome drinks in a beautiful room connected to a terrace overlooking the garden with a lake. There is a small charming Chapel too attached to the chateau so there is no need to travel afar for a church ceremony.

Viktoria and Brad organised their wedding in Chateau Bela for a couple of reasons. Viktoria is originally from Slovakia. Though she didn’t grow up in Slovakia, she does speak Slovakian because of her mum. They both love classic buildings and they wanted their wedding guests (for many of whom came from overseas) to have and unforgettable experience in a classic environment.

They spent the whole day at the hotel, and whilst Viktoria was getting ready Brad welcomed the guests. There was such a positive vibe from the start with people cheering laughing and giving big hugs to each other. There were many friends who haven’t seen each other for years and now the got to spend a weekend at this magical palace.

Viktoria was not only gorgeous but she wore a stunning Hayley Paige wedding gown.

Their church wedding ceremony was in the chapel which is part of the chateau. The chapel was just big enough for all the about 90 guests. It was a beautiful and emotional ceremony after which we all walked back to the courtyard for dome family formals and group photos with friends. 

Taking the portraits of them was so easy. They look fabulous and their incredibly kind personality made this part of the day so enjoyable. We just walked down to the garden of Chateau Bela and stopped along the way a few times. We also took some portraits inside the chateau as we wanted to show more of the beauty of the interior too in the photos. 

The wedding dinner reception was held in the ball room of Chateau Bela. 

As I mentioned earlier Viktoria has Slovakian origins so they wanted to show some of the traditions of a Slovakian wedding.

Slovak Traditional Wedding Cepcenie Ceremony

The bonnet wedding ceremony.

It is an important folklore wedding tradition. It is held at midnight where the unmarried woman is welcomed by married women. 

The participants are dressed in traditional costumes and they sing wedding folk songs. The bride wears a wreath and it is replaced by a headband. 

Brad and Viktoria were one of the most welcoming couple I have met and I’ll be forever grateful for it. 

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