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The little Copenhagen Elopement Guide

What is an elopement?

Originally it meant to escape and get married without telling your family and friends.

These days elopements are not so drastic, although this do happen from time to time, in most cases the families do know about it.

Reasons to elope

Couples wanting to elope chose this for different reasons. They want to go to a dream location where you cannot hold a big wedding, or they just want to be themselves and enjoy getting married on their own terms without the hassle of organising a big wedding.

Sometimes couples do include very few guests, like parents, making it into a micro wedding.

Also, sometimes couples organise a big party at a later date when they return home.

One more reason can be money related. The couples choosing to elope might not have the funds to organise a traditional wedding and they instead try to save up for other things in their life ahead.

If a big formal wedding is something you want to avoid, an elopement in Copenhagen might be the best and easiest choice for you.

Why should you elope in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is a beautiful city. It is a modern and forward thinking capital. Architecture is fantastic, with both classic and modern buildings. Romantic canals and the vicinity of the sea makes it one of the most desirable destinations to elope.

  • You don’t need your own witness. Let the registrar know that you don’t have a witness and they can sign your documents for you.
  • Same-sex marriage in Denmark is allowed. In fact, Denmark was the first country to grant married status to same-sex couples in the world in 1989.
  • Paperwork and documentation is easy and fast.
  • easily accessible from all around the world.

The price of an elopement in Copenhagen. How much does it cost to elope in Copenhagen?

The cost of eloping in Copenhagen really depends on your budget. Apart from the official cost and administration fee you can go low-key or you can go all in.

I’m here  to help you as a photographer, and I can recommend you some of the vendors too, including make-up artist and florist.

Here are 2 examples of what you can expect to pay:

High-end elopement package

  • Administration fee 217€
  • 2-3 night in a hotel 1200€
  • photographer 3500 €
  • hair make up 250€
  • bouquet and boutonniere 250€
  • wedding dress and suit 4000€
  • total elopement price ~ 8417€

Affordable elopement package

  • Administration fee 217€
  • 2-3 night in a hotel or Airbnb 600€
  • photographer 1800 €
  • hair make up 200€
  • bouquet  180€
  • wedding dress and suit 2500€
  • total elopement price ~ 5497€

What is the ceremony like in the City Hall Copenhagen? (Radhus)

It is short (5-10 minutes) but sweet ceremony. It is possible to exchange vows and rings.

At the end you sign your marriage certificate.

To make it seem to last longer I recommend to take portraits in and around the building. It is a very beautiful building with many options.

More reading and info: Familieretshuset

elopement scandinavian couple at copenhagen beach

Copenhagen Elopement Photographer

I was so happy when Anni contacted me to photograph their elopement in Copenhagen. I’ve known Anni and Luke for a while now, Anni is a cellist playing concerts all over Europe and Luke is an english teacher in an international school. They lived in Copenhagen for a while when Anni was studying and so when they moved to Budapest they decide when they get married they would do so in Copenhagen the city they both love. What is not to like about Copenhagen? Probably the best cyclist infrastructure in the world, many good cafes and restaurants, and of course the world renown Scandinavian design all makes the capital of Denmark a very pleasant and wanted destination among couples wanting to elope or getting married in Denmark.

Photographing an elopement in Copenhagen is fabulous. It is so nice and such an honour to share a full day with just a couple and no one else.

Wedding photography is all about trust, and it’s even truer when photographing elopements.

Copenhagen has a lot to offer, the City Hall (Radhus) is a beautiful building not only for the official ceremony but for some portraits too.

The wedding day

It was a beautiful day. We only had a few plans for after the ceremony, and we thought we’ll see how things are going and how much time we have to do things. We wanted to go to some of their favourite locations to take portraits, but before we did that, we stopped at the Mikkeller bar for a famous brew beer. After that we passed by the Copenhagen Botanical Garden and ended up at the Copenhagen beach by sunset, where Anni and Luke read out their personal vows to each other. This was definitely the highlight of the day, with the beautiful area, majestic light and emotions flying high too.

In the evening we went to the Meatpacking district and took some final portraits with the neon lights, which felt like we were in a movie. Here is to more elopements!


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