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Hotel Chateau Bela Wedding

Hotel Chateau Bela Wedding – Viktoria & Brad

It is my absolute pleasure to share this Hotel Chateau Bela wedding from Slovakia. Chateau Bela was built in the 18th century and it was recently renovated. It is located in southern Slovakia near the Hungarian border. The hotel is surrounded by a forest on one side and it has expansive views over the nearby fields on the other. It is a fabulous setting for a wedding venue in Slovakia.

You can reach the reception through an atmospheric courtyard. The Chateau offers a spacious wedding ball room which is lit beautifully by natural light through the huge windows. Chateau Bela is such a perfect wedding venue in Slovakia. The whole wedding party can be accommodated at the hotel and there are different areas where  different part of the wedding day can be organised and held. You can have welcome drinks in a beautiful room connected to a terrace overlooking the garden with a lake. There is a small charming Chapel too attached to the chateau so there is no need to travel afar for a church ceremony.

Viktoria and Brad organised their wedding in Chateau Bela for a couple of reasons. Viktoria is originally from Slovakia. Though she didn’t grow up in Slovakia, she does speak Slovakian because of her mum. They both love classic buildings and they wanted their wedding guests (for many of whom came from overseas) to have and unforgettable experience in a classic environment.

They spent the whole day at the hotel, and whilst Viktoria was getting ready Brad welcomed the guests. There was such a positive vibe from the start with people cheering laughing and giving big hugs to each other. There were many friends who haven’t seen each other for years and now the got to spend a weekend at this magical palace.

Viktoria was not only gorgeous but she wore a stunning Hayley Paige wedding gown.

Their church wedding ceremony was in the chapel which is part of the chateau. The chapel was just big enough for all the about 90 guests. It was a beautiful and emotional ceremony after which we all walked back to the courtyard for dome family formals and group photos with friends. 

Taking the portraits of them was so easy. They look fabulous and their incredibly kind personality made this part of the day so enjoyable. We just walked down to the garden of Chateau Bela and stopped along the way a few times. We also took some portraits inside the chateau as we wanted to show more of the beauty of the interior too in the photos. 

The wedding dinner reception was held in the ball room of Chateau Bela. 

As I mentioned earlier Viktoria has Slovakian origins so they wanted to show some of the traditions of a Slovakian wedding.

Slovak Traditional Wedding Cepcenie Ceremony

The bonnet wedding ceremony.

It is an important folklore wedding tradition. It is held at midnight where the unmarried woman is welcomed by married women. 

The participants are dressed in traditional costumes and they sing wedding folk songs. The bride wears a wreath and it is replaced by a headband. 

Brad and Viktoria were one of the most welcoming couple I have met and I’ll be forever grateful for it. 

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Groomsmen walking on the street in Loughborough

Unique Wedding Venue Loughborough

Wedding photographer Loughborough

In August I had the chance to photograph a wedding in Loughborough, England.

Leicestershire is such a beautiful area. As always on my destination weddings I arrived a day earlier and with my rented car I drove around not only to see the countryside but to get familiar with the wedding venues going into the weekend.

Namely, Elinor, the bride got ready in a hotel nearby called the Quorn Grange Hotel, Leicestershire. It was about a 10 minute drive from Loughborough. It is a beautiful and well known hotel and also a wedding venue.

In the meantime – and before the ceremony – David, the groom went to the local pub the Organ Grinder Pub with his friends for a pint. in my opinion it was an excellent idea to just spend some quality time with your fiends and also ease the nerves a little.

The actual ceremony took place in the Loughborough Registry Office. It was a pretty registry office. And conveniently there was a nice lush garden next to it where guests could congratulate and also we took some family formals too.

Unique Wedding Venue Loughborough

If you scroll down and see the images you’ll immediately see why I think its a really unique wedding venue but let me tell you about it. It is located in an industrial part of Loughborough, but also really close to the centre.

It is on the top floor of an old warehouse. As it is a loft like venue it accommodates a large number of guests easily. The owner and also the designer of the venue has an incredible taste and attention to details. He personally collected many of the decorations and prints.  A bed which can disappear into the floor or a crane which holds a tv are just two examples of the original ideas.

On the wedding day a good friend of the bride organised the decorations and flowers which complemented very well with the features of the venue.

If you’d like to have more info about this Unique Wedding Venue Loughborough, please get in touch.

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Matthias Church Wedding Photography | Felicia + Fredrik

Matthias Church Wedding Photography, Budapest

Certainly, the most important part of the day was the wedding ceremony in St. Matthias Church up in the Castle district. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves too much.

This is a wedding I am particularly proud of. Felicia and Fredrik are from Stockholm. They chose Budapest for their wedding day partly because Felicia has family roots here, and partly because of the beautiful views, locations and wedding venues Budapest offers.

They planned a big wedding. With many guests arriving from abroad, they organised a pre-wedding night get together in one of the ruin bars in the centre of the city. This was a great idea to meet and greet everyone and set the mood for the weekend.

Their wedding day started on the Buda side in an old beautiful villa – the Writer’s Villa. Most of the close friends and family members got ready there and that is where Felicia and Fredrik also had their first look.

As I mentioned before, their wedding ceremony was in Matthias Church. The church has a history of over a thousand years and even King Matthias had his wedding there.

This and possibly the best location in Budapest, makes it one of the most popular and best churches in Budapest in which to get married. It is surrounded with a beautiful square and narrow cobblestone streets. The view from just a few steps away is amazing. When you are up there, you are on top of Budapest.

Before the wedding ceremony began, the guests gathered in front of the church waiting for the bride to arrive. They all looked fantastically elegant as this was a black tie wedding.

The ceremony was beautiful in the old historical church and I loved seeing so many guests enjoying watching the couple exchange vows.

After the ceremony, they had a little, hour-long, reception on top of Fisherman’s Bastion to relax and to take in the beautiful panorama.

Following this event, the wedding dinner was held in Wenckheim Palace, which is mostly known as the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library. On weekdays it is the main branch of the largest library network in Hungary.

As typical of a traditional Swedish wedding, they had a very long dinner, which lasted around five hours. The dinner was filled with speeches from friends and family. This made an even very large wedding party, very intimate and emotional.


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Portrait of a couple on the beach near Malmo

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ELOPE SCOTLAND | Scottish Highlands Elopement

Elope Scotland | Alex + Noelle

Scottish Highlands Elopement

Noelle and Alex, although they live in Singapore, they decided to have an elopement in the Scottish Highlands.

They both work in the creative field so it was really nice to read Noelle’s email about their plans for their wedding and that they would like me to be their wedding photographer in Scotland.

Noelle is from Australia and Alex is from England but Scotland is close to their heart as they both love nature and the beautiful scenery in the Scottish Highlands. And more importantly, it is where Alex proposed.

They were looking at different options on where and how to elope in Scotland, and they chose the excellent location and hosts from Crear Weddings on the west coast of Scotland – for their Scottish Highlands wedding!

Eloping in Scotland

The day of the wedding was cold and windy as it is more often than not in this area, but beautifully sunny too. Only a handful of guests, their very close family, followed them along on their adventure.

They started the day by getting ready at the Crear wedding house, and then they went down by the beach where the actual ceremony took place. It was a lovely and emotional ceremony.

A Scottish Piper was part of the event and this added an extra level to the otherwise already perfect mood.  After the ceremony, we took a little break to warm up and finally we went out for a memorable walk to take some wedding portraits in the Scottish wilderness.

If you are planning a Scotland elopement,  let’s connect, I would love to hear from you.

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wedding photographer in Malaga and Marbella

Wedding at Hacienda San Jose, Hotel Rural, Mijas

Wedding photographer Malaga and Marbella

Mijas, a beautiful hilly area in the south east part of Spain, south of Malaga. This is where Hacienda San Jose is, a truly fabulous villa wedding venue on top of one of the many  hills. 

Siobhan contacted me about 2 years prior their wedding, and she said she would like me to photograph it. At that time she had no idea where her wedding actually going to be held. I got very excited when I got to know that they decided to have their international wedding near Malaga. I have never been to the south of Spain before so I was really looking forward to travelling there and meeting them. When I travel to photograph destination weddings I usually arrive one-two days before the actual wedding day in order to have some time to look around the area. And also this time I wanted to visit Malaga too.

 Siobhan and Mark came all the way from Scotland and they brought only the closest friends and family with them making their day a really intimate wedding near Malaga.

When Siobhan and Mark started organising their wedding they looked up different venues in countries including Scotland where they are from but eventually they settled on this particular wedding venue in Mijas. They loved the fact that even in April they could have an outdoor wedding there and the Hacienda was big enough that they could accommodate all their guest at the venue too. This was and important aspect as all the guests stayed there for the whole wedding weekend making the wedding experience into a mini holiday too.

The venue has garden all round the villa, so they could organise different part of the wedding day to different part of the garden. The ceremony was held outdoors, in a grassy part of the garden next amongst palm trees. This was hands down the most emotional wedding ceremony I have ever witnessed.

Started with the Father of the Bride when he saw his daughter for the first time wearing her wedding dress. Then when they walked down the aisle to the ceremony, the groom couldn’t hold back his tears, and  why would he? My camera has a silent  operation feature, and it was a great reminder that technical advancements sometimes do make a difference. It was really nice that I could just snap away without being obtrusive with clicking sound.  Often I get emotional too as was the case this time and so it’s handy to have a camera to hide behind.  

The weather was perfect on the day, not too hot but sunny. They set up one long table in the middle of the garden, and as there were only about 25 guests in total everyone was seated around this one table. Wedding decor was made by the sisters of the bride and the organisation of the wedding was perfected by Sunshine Weddings.

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Wedding photographer London - standalone letter S for wedding

Wedding on a Golf Course from London!

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Group photo of wedding party in Wenckheim Palace

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wedding couple grand entre in Villa Bologna

Mdina Cathedral Wedding Photography, Malta

Mdina Cathedral Wedding Photography, Malta | Daphne & Ivan

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Paul, commonly known as St. Paul’s Cathedral or the Mdina Cathedral is one of the most beautiful churches in Malta to get married in.

Daphne and Ivan decision to have their wedding ceremony in Mdina didn’t come as a surprise as Daphne’s sister lives in Malta so they visit Malta regularly.

The church is on such a pretty square surrounded by the medieval city. Guests arriving at the wedding ceremony can take a nice stroll on the narrow beautiful streets to reach the church and it certainly gets you in a celebratory mood.

If you are thinking of having your wedding ceremony in the Mdina Cathedral be sure to have some time for the guests to enjoy the area around the church. In the summer months, the temperature can be very hot but it’s easy to find shade close by.

Daphne and Ivan took a ride in an old timer Rolls-Royce to the wedding reception venue where they spent the rest of the evening.


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Pre wedding photo session in Budapest

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in Budapest, Fisherman's Bastion

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Budapest, Fisherman’s Bastion

Snow and Hein are such a gorgeous, smiley couple. They came over to Budapest for their pre-wedding photos. From our initial conversation, I knew they really liked the feel of being alone and having the city to themselves, and they wanted the photos to show this.

We discussed in detail all the plans beforehand: locations, timing, dresses, make-up. I suggested having the photo session at dawn. In the summer months, the temperature can get as high as 35 degrees celsius here in Hungary. So in the early hours, it is definitely more pleasant.

And all the touristic locations which would be otherwise full of people, like Fisherman’s Bastion and The Buda Castle, are peaceful and empty. It is so nice to be out there and just walk around the whole area when the sun is coming up.

A bit before 6 a.m. I picked them up from their hotel and we drove up to Fisherman’s Bastion. Waking up early was not a problem for them as they flew in from Asia, so to them, it felt like early afternoon.

We started the photo shoot at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the Bastion, then we took some portraits on the top of the Bastion. The sun was just starting to appear in the distance and we heard the city slowly waking up.

I love these pre-wedding photo sessions in the morning. I’ll never get bored with the view of Budapest and I can imagine how special it must have felt for them too.

If you are thinking of having your pre-wedding photography in Budapest or somewhere else contact me and let’s make it happen.


pre-wedding budapest


pre-wedding photoshoot Budapest


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