Castle Wedding Austria – Schloss Ernegg

Truth is, I love Castle weddings in Austria, or  as they call the Austrian castle venues, schloss. They are stylish, full of history, they all have a beautifully kept garden and in most cases a forest around it and as an extra a lake. All perfect backdrops for some portraits and as a whole for a wedding. 

Schloss Ernegg is a 12th century home located in the foothills of the Austrian Alps. A little road through a tiny village leads up to the castle. Kind of hidden, the whole building can only be seen from a distance form a nearby golf club. It features a charming courtyard and a garden at the back of the building. Both of these are really nice spots for the wedding ceremony and/or to welcome the guests.

Barbara and Lukas chose the garden as the location of the wedding ceremony and I think it was the best choice. Surrounded by nature but the Castle as the backdrop just looked and felt stunning. 

It was an early autumn day and the sun was shining through the  leaves of the huge trees. The majority of the guest were coming from Austria, particularly from Vienna.

I have arrived a day earlier and as always, i drove around to see if I can find some spots for portraits. Just 5 km away I did find a really nice location, on top of a hill by the road. The setting sun was well visible on the rolling hills, and on the wedding day we drove out from the castle just 20 minutes before sunset to take my favourite shots of the day.

The wedding dinner was on the second floor of the castle in the so called ,Drawing Rooms’. After the few heartfelt speeches and the delicious dinner provided by the castle the guests continued the celebration once again on the ground floor in the bar area.

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