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Hi, thank you for stopping by. Im a wedding photographer in Hungary. Throughout the years I have photographed many weddings by Balaton and I love the whole area. I wanted to make a list for you to help you to decide among all the gorgeous wedding venues by Balaton.

Balaton has gained a lot of popularity in the last couple of years, and not only as a holiday location but many Hungarian couples and more and more engaged couples from abroad are having their wedding at one of the fine Balaton Wedding Venues.

As popularity grew new venues opened and older ones have been renovated and reopened. Balaton is not only gorgeous but by carefully choosing the best Hungarian wedding venue for yourself you will have the time of your lifetime there. Balaton is nostalgic and also new and trendy. Gastronomy is constantly developing and many of the best chefs of the country are moving down by the lake for the season and beyond.

Wine is – besides the lake – of course the the most attractive aspect of this region of Hungary, so you can definitely organise you vineyard wedding here.

Badacsony wedding venues are the most seeked after and it is for a good reason. The history and the pure beauty of the area speaks to itself. Balaton Felvidek is also a highly recommended destination, its rolling Tuscany like hills are just gorgeous. 

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Balaton esküvő helyszín Szent Anna romtemplom

Badacsony Esküvő Helyszín

1. Villa Patzay

Villa Patzay wedding.  Formerly known and owned by Laposa, it is a perfectly located wine terrace and boutique hotel. One of the first modern places, parties up to 120 guests can be organised here.

2. Istvándy Liget

On the hills behind Badacsony next to Káptalantóti, suitable for guests up to 150, willows ad  shade for hot summer afternoons. Its a beautiful romantic wedding venue. 

3. Szeremley Borház

An other lovely venue, and if you like arbor this is your place as you can have your dinner under the beautiful green leaves.

4. Kisfaludy Ház

It is located on one of the highest point on the Badacsony hill, it is a venue with great history.

5. Tölgyes Kúria

Tölgyes Kúria wedding. A venue which has been fully renovated in 2018, but kept its original charm quickly became a favourite among couples organising their wedding around the lake Balaton. For up to 100 guests, oak trees and views over the rolling hills make the venue a wonderful choice.

6. Pici Szívem Badacsony

This gorgeous wedding venue which is located in Badacsonyörs has a fantastic view over the lake and Badacsony. The huge terrace can accomodate up to 150 guests. It has a big well kept garden with big mature walnut trees where you can have your wedding ceremony, and also there is a little charming chapel so you can have a church ceremony too. Run by two well experienced wedding organiser, it is a great choice.


Mersics porta Balaton eskuvő helyszín

Balaton Uplands wedding venue

It is often called as the Hungarian Tuscany, the national park is really a gorgeous area with hills and vineyards and the Balaton in the background. These are my favourite wedding locations from around here:

  1. Káli Art Inn

    Situated in Köveskál, in the heart of the Káli basin, this has been a gem of a place for many years now. The countryside style 2 main buildings and smaller houses offer several rooms, there are 2 pools and also an award winning restaurant. The garden is beautifully designed and kept, and it is perfect for a wedding ceremony. One of the most sought after venues in the region.

  2. Liszkay Borkúria

  3. Mersics Porta

  4. Taberna Infinito

  5. Lovas, Márffy Vendégház

  6. Szent Donát, Csopak

  7. Krokodil Vendégház




Balaton esküvői helyszín Liszkay Borkúria

Balaton north side wedding venue

I put venues which are not in Badacsony and in the Uplands in this category.Three places are in Balatonfüred and there are 2 venues which are historically connected.  One is the Festetics Palace and the other is the Bock Bistro.

1. Koczor Pince

2. Anna Grand Hotel Füred

3. Villa Vitae

4. Festetics Palace Wedding, Keszthely

Wedding at Festetics Palace. Also known as Helikon Palace. This is one of the most beautiful palaces in Hungary to organise your wedding at a historically rich gorgeous palace. There are many options to have your wedding ceremony outdoors or indoors in the ballroom. It is truly a unique venue if you are looking for class, elegance and a classic backdrop.

5. Bock Bistro Balaton

6. Casa Christa

Casa Christa is a truly beautiful place with many options. Guests up to 70-100 can be seated on the large terrace with gorgours views.

bock bistro Balaton wedding venue

Balaton south side wedding venue

The south side of Balaton is as you can see not as popular for weddings but there are some location worth mentioning:

1. Egy Csipetnyi Nádas

This venue is just outside Siófok, in Töreki, surrounded by forest, an atmospheric venue.

2. Majthényi Présház

Badacsony of the south side – this hill is regularly mentioned. The winery is on the top of the hill with beautiful views over the lake.

3. Szent Kristof Winery

Szent Kristof winery Balaton wedding venue

+2 Countryside wedding venue Hungary

Two locations which are not by the lake, I still want to talk about them as they are just a short drive away from the south side and they are very popular spots.

1. Babérliget Mansion

Baberliget Luxury Mansion wedding. Baberliget wedding venue is a provence style location, romantic and intimate, though it can also accommodate larger groups in their pavilion. There is a beautiful shaded garden and a row of large chestnut trees, it is one of the most popular wedding venues in Hungary.

2. Villa Bogart

Villa Bogart wedding in Alsobogati is one of the most beautiful venues in Hungary. A gorgeous castle, a huge castle park and there’s even a small chapel for your wedding ceremony. Highly recommended venue.

Balaton eskuvo helyszin Badacsony
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